Double Tipped Wooden Handled Cotton Swabs

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3/16th inch tip of pre-cleaned cotton fibres tightly wrapped around both ends of a 6 inch long wooden handle.

  • Ideal for keyboard and mouse cleaning
  • Choose from packs of 20, 50 or 100 swabs

Product Features

Pack Size:
20pk, 50pk or 100pk of swabs
6 inches (15cm)
These are a good size, was having trouble getting ones that were slightly longer.
believe it or not these long cotton buds are hard to find. I suppose the reason for this is that they could be dangerous to small children putting them in their ears. I use these along with the tape head cleaner for hard to reach tape heads and pinch rollers. the cotton ends are tightly wound. the sticks are strong enough for a little pressure when removing oxide from the tape heads and rollers. wish all cassette tape decks would have removable front covers. good product . good buy . good service
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