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The Atrix Omega Supreme Plus Vacuum features a 1HP quiet flow-through motor and sound baffles to make it the quietest, most powerful service vacuum on the market today. The new motor uses less energy than standard field service vacuums and the vacuum itself is made from durable, high-impact Diamond ABS polymer for more durability and longer life. It also features over-heat protection and field replaceable latches.

The standard version comes with a 1 US gallon (3.8L) 0.3 micron retention filter ideal for internal computer cleaning, keyboard cleaning, fax cleaning, photocopier cleaning etc (including black and colour toners). It can be used to extract soot, pollen, dust, precious metals, paint pigments and other fine particulate that make it ideal for use in all field service applications including electronics, medical, robotics, banking, pharmaceutical, data rooms etc.

An optional upgrade to a true HEPA filter is available for this vacuum and has an efficiency rating of 99.97% at 0.3 microns, wheras the ULPA filter which is also a possible upgrade has an efficiency of 99.999% at 0.12 microns. Replacement Standard, HEPA and ULPA filters are also available as well as an ESD safe version of each filter for an added layer of protection against electrostatic discharge.

The vacuum comes complete with an EMI/RFI line noise filter and the following accessories which are conveniently stored in the lid of the vacuum case:

  • Toner-Proof Hose
  • Flexible Goose Neck
  • Crevice Tool
  • Crevice Tool Brush
  • Power Cord
  • Shoulder Strap
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

All of the accessories are statically conductive (ESD safe) for maximum static protection, safeguarding the operator and sensitive electronic components.

If you require a 110v version of this vacuum please contact us for more information. Currently, the 110v US spec vacuums need to be shipped over in addition to our regular 230v stock, so the lead time can be up to 6 weeks depending on when our next shipment is due.

Product Features

Atrix International Inc.

Vacuum Features

489 (L) x 188 (W) x 236 (H) mm
Default Filter:
Standard Filter
HEPA Option:
ULPA Option:
ESD Safe:
Part Number:
3 Year Limited Warranty

UK/European Spec


US Spec


Spec Sheet (Omega_Supreme_Plus_Vacuum.pdf, 304 Kb) [Download]

Manual (Omega_Vacuum_Manual.pdf, 660 Kb) [Download]

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