Computer Cleaning Kits

This is our range of computer cleaning kits. They contain the materials needed to clean your desktop computers and other items and give a great discount on buying the products seperately.

The Industrial Cleaning Kit is our professional grade kit that is used by many IT cleaning companies throughout the UK (and indeed the world!). If you're looking to start or expand into computer cleaning this is the kit for you.

Basic Cleaning Kit
£8.99 (10.27) (£10.79 (12.33) inc tax)
Carry Case
£9.99 (11.42) (£11.99 (13.70) inc tax)
Desktop Cleaning Kit
£24.99 (28.56) (£29.99 (34.27) inc tax)
Complete Cleaning Kit
£49.99 (57.13) (£59.99 (68.56) inc tax)
Industrial Cleaning Kit
£199.99 (228.56) (£239.99 (274.27) inc tax)